About Mandani Bay


Who are the developers of Mandani Bay?

Hongkong Land & Taft Properties

Who are the consultants of Mandani Bay?

Master Planner – Crone Architects

Concept Planner – lwk&partners

Landscape Architect – Coen

Retail Architect – CallisonRTKl

Project Arhcitect – Aidea

Interior Designed – PTang Studio Ltd.

Environmental Sustainability — A. Bicol Consultancy

Where is the site located?

F. E. Zuellig Avenue, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines (along Mactan Channel)

How big is the site of Mandani Bay?

20 hectares

What are the components of the township?

a. Residential condominiums

b. Street-front retail

c. Office towers

d. Mall

e. Green promenade

f. Boardwalk

How many blocks/phases are in Mandani Bay?

8 blocks/phases

What is the special feature of Mandani Bay?

Interconnected basements and podiums (through footbridges)

About Mandani Bay Suites (MBS)


How big is the site of Mandani Bay Suites (Phase 1)?

1.1 hectares

What are the components of Mandani Bay Suites?

a. Residential Condominiums (5th floor up)

b. Residential Amenities (5th floor)

c. Residential Parking (basement, 2nd floor and 3rd floor)

d. Commercial Parking (ground floor)

e. Street-front Retail (ground floor and 2nd floor)

How many residential towers are there in MBS?

2 residential towers

How many floors are there in each tower? Units in each tower?

Tower 1 – 28 storeys (inclusive of 1 basement)

Tower 2 – 34 storeys (inclusive of 1 basement)

How many lifts are there in each tower?

4 lifts/tower = 3 passenger + 1 passenger/service

What are the types of units in each tower?

Tower 1 = Studio, 1BR, 2BR, 2BR+, 3BR, Penthouse Units

Tower 2 = Studio, 1BR, 1BR Loft, 2BR Loft, Penthouse Units

What are the sizes of the units?

Studio = 30sqm

1BR = 45-58sqm

1BR Loft = 47-52sqm

2BR = 66sqm

2BR Loft = 80-94sqm

2BR+ = 82sqm

3BR = 107sqm

PH = 106-233sqm

Can buyer combine adjacent units?

Yes, upon hand-over, subject to approval of plans.

Do penthouse units have same finishes as typical units?

Yes, but brand to be used is more upscale.

What are the finishes of a typical unit?

Floor = Homogenous tiles (living/dining, kitchen, toilet & bath)

Laminated flooring (bedroom)

Wall = Painted (living/dining, kitchen, bedroom)

Homogeneous tiles (toilet & bath)

Cabinet = Laminated MDF

Countertop = Solid Surface

Closet = Laminated MDF

What are the features of a residential unit?

a. Heat detector (kitchen)

b. Smoke detector (living/dining, bedroom)

c. Fire sprinkler (living/dining, kitchen, bedroom)

d. Audio guest annunciator

e. Telephone line

f. CATV outlet (living/dining, bedroom)

g. Provision for multi-point water heater

h. Provision for split-type A/C

i. Provision for washer/dryer