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Prime waterfront location

The property, stretched along the Mactan Channel, is near the airport, two major hospitals, the Cebu Business Park, and Asia Town IT Park.

The new benchmark in seafront destinations

Mandani Bay will set a new standard for creating modern coastal hotspots and residential communities in Cebu.

An investment with huge potential

Expect Mandani Bay’s investment value to continually appreciate over the course of its development of more than 10 years.

Built by leading Asian property developers

This township will be built through the partnership of Hongkong Land and Taft Properties, along with Asia’s top consultants in property development.


Mandani Bay will set a new benchmark for modern seafront
destination and residential communities in Cebu.

Waterfront and Boardwalk

A 500-meter water frontage that provides a stunning view of the coast and surrounding skyline, the Waterfront and Boardwalk emphasize Mandani Bay's extensive water anterior and serves as the highlight of this spectacular landmark.

Green Promenade

At 40 meters wide and 350 meters long, this extensive tree-lined avenue cuts through the property, lending a grounded and refreshing spirit to the environment and encouraging an active lifestyle among residents.


Shop big brands on an intimate scale in High Street. Visit the Art and Cultural Districts for an unending supply of local and international art and entertainment to take in and experience. If you're up for a gastronomic delight, head down to Food Street. Find what electrifies you in this complete lifestyle destination.

Main Boulevard

This 30-meter walkway is located next to Mandani Bay Suites. Continuing Ocean View Avenue and running alongside the gorgeous Waterfront, the Main Boulevard allows for an encircling view of the seaside and the cityscape beyond.


Interconnecting the tower podiums throughout the property, footbridges provide for easy and convenient conveyance from one point to another.

The Developers

Asia’s leading property developer and one of the Philippines’ fastest-growing
real estate brands have come together to bring Mandani Bay to life.

From the first meeting to the end of the transaction, I felt very taken care of. Not sure if pampered can be used with relation to buying a condo unit, but that’s exactly how I felt. The knowledge, attention to detail, patience, and education provided by the Mandani Bay team surpassed anything I could have expected. Thank you!

John Stoun

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